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String Construction

Natural Gut- Natural gut strings are the top of the line in every string characteristic except durability.  These strings offer the best tension maintenance or playability and the best feel out of any string.  Downsides are lack of durability and high price point. 

Monofilament Synthetic Gut- The most popular and cost effective type of string on the market.  Synthetic gut strings offer good tension maintenance and good durability.  They are made with a single monofilament core, with outer wrap filaments that give the string a little more feel. 

Multifilament Synthetic Gut- These strings are made to imitate natural gut, but at a lower price point and offer great feel and playability.  Multifilament strings are made of synthetic fibers twisted together to create a softer string.  These strings are great for players with tennis elbow since they offer a much softer feel. 

Polyester- The benefit with a “poly” string is the superior durability it offers, but lacks feel and playability and can be very stiff.  This string is only advised for hard-hitting players who break strings in under 10 hours of play. 

Hybrids- These strings actually consist of two types of strings, usually a poly string in the mains for extra durability, and a synthetic or natural gut in the crosses to provide more feel and playability.